Your Feedback

I love to hear from you after your sessions and value your feedback.

It's always to heartwarming to hear yourstories of the release, and changes yourgo on to make in your lives. 

Thank you - I love to be able to share in your journey. 


Thank you Jakki for my Reiki Session and Chakra Healing, everything was almost perfectly accurate - from the stomach issues and blocked left ear, to the iron deficiency and exhaustion and already I have been feeling the positive effects of your work.
- B Black
Wow if I have ever had a life changing experiences that would have to be contributed to from my first session with Jakki. I have a lot more strength to drive forward my goals and I also achieved a lot more inner peace. I will definitely be returning again.
- Katrina
I have to thank Jakki so much after I was thrown from my horse this week. Jakki was able to release my physical pain and work on my emotional fears from falling again. She was able to take time to work with my horse and assist me with understanding what happened and why. We were able to delve into his emotional side and I have a better understanding of how I can nurture our relationship. And sorry my boy, you will have to share me with the others. The only "one" is me!
- KB
I took my daughter for a reiki healing with Jakki last night. Jakki has a beautiful, nurturing and supportive energy, my daughter felt heard and loved throughout the session! Thank you Jakki.
- Leisa
I  was lucky enough to have a healing session done on my horse (distance work as my horse is on the other island), and wow what a difference - he was moving freely an all the discomfort I had noticed was gone. I myself was also feeling a lot less painful than normal (I have permanent disabilities and daily pain). I then found out that I had been worked on as well - best I had felt in years and a very happy to work horse, which in my situation is very very important. Highly recommend to all.
- KT Mcg