For Your Animals

One of the most profound and exciting areas of work I do is with animals. I have had the privilege of working with a lot of animals - both in person, and remotely. 

I have seen this work have tremendous impact and the opportunity to help an animal, and to develop a deeper connection and understanding with their owners - well it's just so rewarding.

With my background with horsemanship I have naturally worked with a lot of horses, and their riders. Horses are incredibly empathetic creatures and are extremely responsive to any form of energy work. I find they share at a deep level and are very open to the opportunity.

I have also worked with dogs, cats, donkeys and cows. Every animal is made up of energy - just like you and me. They also carry trapped energies and communicate in their own ways. 

I use a mix of:

  • Usui Reiki Energy Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Animal Communication
  • Emotion Code

What to expect in a remote healing session for your animal

I have conducted a lot of remote healing sessions with animals and the owners report tremendous changes and find this work valuable. 

I work of a photograph supplied by you. The first thing I will do is sit with the photo and write down any initial impressions and insights gain. I then do a chakra balance, and channel reiki energy (in a set sequence depending on the species) and then I will finish by working with trapped energies and releasing them. Every session is different and it completely is guided by the animal I tune in to.

Following the session I will supply you with detailed notes of the work completed, any insights and communication received and the emotions that have been cleared. And any recommendations for follow up. 

Animal Remote Healing/Reading

What to expect in a face-to-face healing session for your animal

I will get to know your animal in a safe environment - sometimes with traumatised animals this may mean that I begin my work from a distance and only enter their personal space when invited - but often I will begin by petting the animal and connecting with their energy. The work that I do will be guided by the animal and will include a chakra balance, reiki, and emotion code. I will share with the owners any communication and insight that is coming through and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. 

I have travelled throughout the Canterbury and Otago region working with animals and their owners, and am happy to do this when I have a full day of bookings. The standard per hour charge applies plus there will be a small surcharge for travel. 

When away from the South Canterbury/North Otago area I work with a host and will see 6-8 clients per day. As a thank you my hosts receive and free full healing & reading of up to 90 minutes, which can be used for themselves or their animals.  If you wish to book a face-to-face session please email me on to confirm availability and pricing for your area.

I  was lucky enough to have a healing session done on my horse (distance work as my horse is on the other island), and wow what a difference - he was moving freely an all the discomfort I had noticed was gone. I myself was also feeling a lot less painful than normal (I have permanent disabilities and daily pain). I then found out that I had been worked on as well - best I had felt in years and a very happy to work horse, which in my situation is very very important. Highly recommend to all.|
- KT Mcg

I have to thank Jakki so much after I was thrown from my horse this week. Jakki was able to release my physical pain and work on my emotional fears from falling again. She was able to take time to work with my horse and assist me with understanding what happened and why. We were able to delve into his emotional side and I have a better understanding of how I can nurture our relationship. And sorry my boy, you will have to share me with the others. The only "one" is me!
- KB