I have been reading Tarot and working with guided insight for 27 years. 

When I conduct readings I believe that the cards are a condiut for other insights to come through. All of my readings are a mix of traditional tarot and intuitive insights - and if in person I can also include psychometry (where I hold an item of yours to gain additional insights while I read).

I have a collection of traditional tarot cards and other decks that I have amassed over the years. I am happy to read whatever deck my clients feel drawn too - or the one I feel drawn to for the client.

While I do a lot of readings in person, I also do a large amount remotely via email. A lot of my clients prefer this as they receive a detailed email of their reading and then have that to refer back to. For a remote reading I do ask for a photograph where possible as this helps me connect with your energy for a deeper level of reading.

I now also offer a premium live online reading service via Zoom - when your booking is confirmed I will send you a link to the software/app that you need for this - it is similar to Skype but has the awesome benefit of being able to record your reading so that you have it to refer back to.

I also travel when require for group readings and workshops - so if you and 6-8 of your friends & family  would like a face-to-face readings check out the About page to find out more. My hosts get a free 90 minute healing and reading session.

The readings that I offer are:

  • 5 Card Spread - Past Influence, Current Situation, Future Outcome plus 2 insight cards- this is a very popular spread 
  • 10 Card Celtic Cross Spread - In this popular full reading the cards will delve into your current situation, influences on the current situation, what's at the base of the matter, what is immediately apparent, past influences, immediate future, self and how you impact on the world around you, the views of others, hopes and fears, and the outcome. 

To book your email reading please use the paypal links below. And if you happen to be in the Waimate District one day you can book your face-to-face session below as well. 

Intuitive Reading